Animal Door Stoppers/Draught Excluders- Dog, Cows, Sheep & Chickens


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An unusual range of presents and gifts including door stoppers/draught excluders.
These are ideal for Housewarming, Birthday and Christmas presents

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Doorstoppers/Draught Excluders
A charming range of door stoppers/draught excluders that will brighten up any room available in four different styles. Approx 80cm long.

Buy any two items and receive a discount of £5.00 on second item.

Dog - SC638001 - £13.95
Cow - SC638002 - £13.95
Sheep - SC638003 - £13.95
Chickens - SC638004 - £13.95

P&P £2.95 - maximum of £9.95 on any gift order (uk only)


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