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Shaped and Engraved Corian Signs

Corian looks and feels like stone. It is actually a mixture of resin, natural minerals and pigment. It is the mineral content which retains some of the properties of real stone such as the cold feel, matt finish and substantial weight. Unlike stone Corian is totally consistant with no variation in composition, fault lines or cracks throughout its features. We are also able to router the corian into lovely shaped house signs and name plates. In addition we are able to engrave quite detailed images into them as well as a large selection of fonts and lettering styles. Click here to see our huge range of Standard Images available @ £12.50.

Shaped Corian House sign
Corian is weather proof, fade proof and virtually maintenance free - Perfect for long lasting house signs.
Shaped house sign Oval house sign

Standard Shapes

Prices for Shaped House Signs and Names Plates
Includes VAT

Shape Size Price P&P
Arch Top
SHA01 500 x 300mm £206 J
SHA02 400 x 240mm £156 I
SHA03 300 x 180mm £106 G
SHA04 225 x 150mm £85 F
SHB01 450 x 300mm £192 J
SHB02 375 x 250mm £147 I
SHB03 300 x 200mm £113 H
SHB04 225 x 150mm £85 F
Rectangle - Indented Corner
SHC01 500 x 250mm £188 J
SHC02 400 x 200mm £144 H
SHC03 300 x 150mm £98 G
SHC04 225 x 150mm £85 F
Rectangle - Bulging
SHD01 500 x 275mm £199 J
SHD02 400 x 220mm £152 H
SHD03 300 x 165mm £115 G
SHD04 225 x 150mm £85 F
Classic Plaque
SHE01 450 x 300mm £192 I
SHE02 350 x 233mm £142 H
SHE03 225 x 150mm £85 F
Shaped Name Plates
Other shapes can be cut to order a cost of £10 per order.
P&P  Price Brackets
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Standard Colours

Black Quartz
Black Quartz
We can also cut the shapes in other colours from our main corian page for an extra £7.50. Click here to see colours

The letters are engraved using one of the our many fonts They are then paint filled with black, grey, white, gold, silver, cream, blue, green or red.

Prices include 30 characters. Extra letters £3.00 per 30, Letters are sized to fit the plaque. Letters are then paint filled with black, grey, cream, white, silver, gold, red, green or blue.

You choose the plaque shape & dimensions and we will size the letters accordingly. If you want to see a proof drawing this can be arranged at a cost of £5.00 (includes one design change). If you would like to see your sign in two different fonts the proof charge is £5.95.

Engraved name plates
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Shaped name plates

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