Laser Engraved Brass Plaques - Perfect for small text

Engraved Brass Plaques with
Small Text - Fine Detail

Laser Engraved Brass Plaques

One usually expects to see brass plaques which are deep engraved and painted. However there are times when small text or images with fine detail are required. This is where the latest technologies of the laser comes into play. Although not engraved into the metal the lettering is just as permanent and actually tougher than the metal beneath. The colour is not quite as intense as the black paintfill, but most people would only notice this if you placed the two types side by side.

  Laser Engraved Brass showing small text Laser engraved brass from The Sign Maker

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We can engrave the letters in a variety of fonts. A selection of fonts is shown to the right.
For other fonts - click here.

Prices include 50 characters. - Extra letters £3.50 per 50. Minimum letter size - 5mm


Combination engraving


We can include images on the signs. We have a large selection Click here Any of the single colour images can be used with this type of sign - or you can send in you own artwork - The cost is £12.50 per standard image, £24.50 for your own artwork. £34.50 for a photograph

Backing Boards
We also have a good range of other options - Wooden tree stakes, Metal tree stakes and Wooden Crosses on which plaques can be mounted - Click Here 

The plaque on the left was first laser engraved and then the leaves were scratch engraved to very good effect.

Laser Engraved Brass
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