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HDPE Board for
Large Engraved Signage

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Long Lasting - Low Maintenance

HDPE board is a superb material for large engraved signage. The letters actually stand for High Density Poly Ethylene. It is light weight yet very strong and virtually maintenance free.

It is 100% Recyclable

It does not Delaminate, Split or Crack

It is UV Stable

Graffiti and Abrasion Resistant

Also resistant to Staining, Chemicals, Mould and Fungus.

Attractive Textured Surface

Engraved HDPE
Maintenance free signage

As it is rigid and strong is can be used for many different kinds of engraved signage.

Popular usage is for way marking signs, engraved golf fairway markers, playground signage, car park signage, kitchen signs and information signs.

The Green/Cream/Green combination is also excellent for estate and forestry signage.

At The Sign Maker we use an engraver or CNC router to engrave through the to layer to show the centre layer which is in a contrasting colour. See the colour options below.

As always you can send  us your vector artwork or choose from hundreds of fonts and thousands of standard images.
Click here for image costs

Prices include 30 characters. Extra letters £4.00 per 30.

It is very easy for you to drill your own holes in this material but we can do it for you @ £3.50 per sign if required. Holes will be countersunk.

HDPE board is also ideal in kitchens as it is food safe and hygienic. It is easily cleaned, does not absorb moisture and resists chemicals and corrosion.

As well as being ideal for kitchen signage it can even be used for chopping boards in food factories or domestic kitchens!

Detailed engraving is not a problem
The Colour Options

Red/Yellow/Red Green/Yellow/Green Green/Beige/Green
White/Blue/White Blue/White/Blue White/Black/White
Colour choices for HDPE Board

15 "
£36.74 £39.28 £41.81 £44.34 £46.88 £51.94 £57.01 £65.46
£39.28 £42.76 £46.25 £49.73 £53.22 £60.19 £67.16 £78.78
£41.81 £46.25 £50.68 £55.12 £59.56 £68.43 £77.31 £92.10
£44.34 £49.73 £55.12 £60.51 £65.90 £76.68 £87.45 £105.42
450mm £46.88 £53.22 £59.56 £65.90 £72.24 £84.92 £97.60 £118.74
£51.94 £60.19 £68.43 £76.68 £84.92 £101.41 £117.90 £145.38
750mm £57.01 £67.16 £77.31 £87.45 £97.60 £117.90 £138.19 £172.02
Post and Packaging

Big Discounts for more than one sign board
The prices above are for a single sign board
Order two identical sign boards for a   £18 discount
Order two sign boards in the same colours for a  £13 discount on second and subsequent boards
Order two sign boards in the different colours for a  £10 discount on second and subsequent boards

For large orders of way markers or golf fairway markers - please ask for a quote.

The price also includes cutting to any Standard Shape - Rectangle/Square, Rectangle/Square with Rounded Corners, Round/Oval, Scalloped Oval, Arch Top, Bridge Top. Unusual shapes can also be cut for a small extra cost @ £4.95.  The edges can be beveled or square cut. Allow an extra 50mm in height and length for sign to be cut out of.

We are also able to provide Hanging Brackets and Posts if required.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or on our Pinterest Board More Business Signs
Engraved way markers
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Engraved golf fairway markers
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