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Aluminium sign with bullnose edging
Aluminium Sign with Edge

Font - Times New Roman
This sign was made using 3mm aluminium. The bull nose edge is a frame which screws to the wall and the sign panel slides in - all fixings hidden. Size of sign 600 x 1200mm

Double sided painted wooden sign
Painted Wooden Hanging Sign

Font - Berling, Size - 750mm x 450mm
Painted qooden sign using the very stable accoya timber. The board colour was Farrow and Ball Estare 31 and the letters No 2003 Pointing. This sign was double sided for hanging. Fittings can be supplied.

Cast Polyurethane Estate Sign
Cast Polyurethane Sign

Size - 450mm x 300mm
This sign has a black painted double border and the letters are 50mm high. It is made from tough and virtually maintenance free polyurethane.

Full colour fibreglass business sign
Full Colour Fibreglass Sign

Size - 1510mm x 1040mm
A fibreglass business sign made using the customers artwork. The board colour is RAL5002. The print has been laminated to protect it as well as extending the lifespan.

Engraved business plaque made in a white and black acrylic laminate
Engraved Plaques

Font - Bookman Old Style
A white engraved plaque made using white acrylic with black text. It was mounted on sapele backing board. Plaque size 300mm x 225mm.

Small cast aluminium sign made to customers artwork
Cast Aluminium

Size 7" Diameter
Traditionally cast aluminium sign with a black background. The pattern was created using customer artwork. Cast bronze is another option for a similar sign.

Purbeck stone entrance sign
Pubeck Stone Entrance Sign

These are cut from the quarry to order. This one was 900mm x 600mm x 150mm. They can be cut to any size. The front faced is honed smooth for the lettering to be sand blasted into it.

3mm chemically etched brass business plaque
Engraved Brass Business Sign

The lettering was engraved using chemical etching. The lettes were then paint filled to match the company colours - Pantone Blue:2747U and Grey:429U. The size of the brass was 500mm x 500mm. The sign was then mounted on an oak backing board.

Wooden finger posts for directional signs
Oak Finger Posts

Size 3m Oak Post, Font Book Antiqua
This 4"x4" oak post was made into an octagonal shape and had saeven fingers morticed into it. 600mm of post needs to go underground for stability.

Beautiful entrance sign made in oak and corian
Superior Entrance Sign

Font - Times Roman, Size 750 x 300mm
A beautiful entrance sign made in solid oak with an engraved corian panel inserted into it. The oak and the lettering were painted with the coolour - Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone..

Lovely full colour sign surrounded by an oak frame
Oak Framed Full Colour Sign

Size 600 x 600mm
The oak frame on this wall mounted sign was 50mm wide. The artwork, supplied by the customer was printed and applied to an aluminium composite panel. It was laminated for longer lifespan.

Painted oval Trocoya board signs
Painted Oval Signs

Font - BOS, Size 600mm x 300mm
These two signs were made using Tricoya board which is very tough and long lasting. The boards were painted Farrow and Ball Lichen Green and letter colour white. These two signs were sent to New Jersey USA

Full colour sign provided with brackets and lights
Full Colour Hanging Sign

Size 650mm x 800mm
This hanging sign was created on a 19mm PVC board which was painted Heritage Green. Yellow cut vinyl lattering along with a full colour print were applied. Bracket, fittings and lights also provided.

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Our stone masons do make a lot of different stone signs. A surprising number are used for long lasting business signage.

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Lots of engraved plaques in a variety of materials
More Engraved Plaques

If you are looking for an engraved plaque for business have a look at the pages below for more ideas.

Engraved Plaque Overview
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Printed sign board, laminated for longer lifespan
Printed Sign Board

Size 800 x 600mm
A simple sign made using customer artwork. It was printed, laminated and applied to 3mm aluinium composite. Weatherproof and long lasting,

Wood framed aluminium composite board
Wooden Framed Sign

Font - Tempus Sans, Size 600 x 450mm
The wooden frame has been painted Heritage Green. The sign panel is white aluminium composite. The lettering is dark green vinyl.

Wooden notice board made in oak
Wooden Notice Board

Font - Times Roman, Size 1470 x 610mm
Wooedn sign and notice board made using oak with stainless steel fittings and rubber weatherproof seal.

Aluminium Sign Board
Aluminium Sign Board

Size 1200 x 9000mm
A simple long lasting sign board with laminated colour printed vinyl and white cut vinyl lettering.

Oak sign with wording lasered into the wood.
Small Wooden Sign

Font - Times Roman, Size 300 x 150mm
A small wooden sign made in oak with lettering lasered into the wood. Customer artwork sent as jpg. This had to be converted into an eps file foe lasering. If sent as AI files it can be used exactly as sent.

Tough and weatherproof anodised aluminium
Oval Anodised Aluminium

Size 600mm x 420mm
This plaque was printed using a technique which is very tough and totally weatherproof. The wording and images are locked inside the hard anodised layer.

Top quality cast polyurethane with hand painted letters and images
Cast Polyurethane Business Sign

Font - Franlin Gothic, Size 610 x 915mm
Top quality polyurethane cast using customer artwork. Images and lettering are raised and painted black. These business signs are long lasting and low maintenance.

Metal hanging panel
Full Colour Hanging Sign

Size 596mm x 454mm
A double sided hanging sign made on a MT4 landscape panel. It has been laminate with a tough eggshell finish to protect the sign and extend its lifespan.

Printed hanging signs supplied with brackets and fittings
Printed Hanging Sign

Size 600 x 600mm
Customers artwork was printed on exterior vinyl wich is then laminated for longer life. It was then applied to a 19mm thick hanging PVC panel and supplied with 850mm bracket.

Printed hanging signs supplied with brackets and fittings
Engraved Stainless Steel

Size 300 x 300mm on backing board
Stainless steel does not tarnish and therefore requires much less maintenance than brass. It is also much harder so less likely to scratch. However this makes it more difficult to engrave and is therefore more expensive.

Bespoke Slate Sign
Bespoke Slate Sign

Customers Artwork , Size - 600 x 400mm
This totally bespoke sign was made using the customers design. It was made on 30mm slate and the letters painted Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone colour.

Wooden sign created in the shape of the school crest
Shaped Oak Sign

Size 348mm x 300mm
A wooden shaped sign created from our customers artwork. The detail was lasered into the wood.

Wooden sign created in the shape of the school crest
Oak Business Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This simple wooden plaque was made in oak and treated with danish oil. The size was 350mm x 225mm

Large engraved corian business sign
Large Engraved Corian Sign

Size - 676mm x 900mm
Made from 12mm bone coloured corian with green lettering. Long lasting, low maintenance sign.

Painted oak business sign
Painted Oak Business Sign

Size - 700mm x 450mm
A double sided oak sign painted in Farrow and Ball Downpipe Grey with white lettering. Made using customer artwork.

Tough long lasting fibreglass business sign
Fibreglass Business Sign

Font - Harrington, Size 915mm x 610mm
This is a BT3/2 Green 605 Bull nosed tombstone fibreglass sign with white cut vinyl lettering.

Farm entrance sign
Oak Framed Entrance Sign

Font - Nubile, Size 600mm x 375mm
Excellent value entrance sign made from aluminium composite board framed in oak.

Lots of wooden signs in a varitey of timbers
More Wooden Signs

Wood, both painted or carved is often used for business signs - our carpenters can make them just the way you want them. click on the link below for more ideas.

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Printed Fibreglass Sign

Size 610mm x 925mm
This is a tombstone shaped black fibreglass panel with printed vinyl using customer artwork. The vinyl is covered with a tough laminate for protection and longer life. overall it is a lightweight tough business sign.

Traditional painted sign using modern tough tricoya board
Traditional Painted Sign

Font - Arial, Size 425mm x 500mm
Wooden frame and tough wood based board have been painted Farrow and Ball St Giles Blue. The painted lettering is white.

Painted wooden pavement sign 1811.LW.008
Wooden Pavement Sign

Font - , Size 625 x 925mm
Painted wooden A-board crafted by our carpenters. You have the choice of a natural oak frame finished with a tough satin varnish or a painted Accoya wooden frame. 

Hanging Business Sign
Fibreglass Hanging Pub Sign

Font - Maiandra GD, Size 813 x 1068mm
Fibreglass pub sign with bracket. Fibreglass colour - RAL 6021. Letter colour - Silver.

Paternated Cast Bronze Sign
Paternated Cast Bronze Sign

Size 300mm x 300mm
This cast bronze sign had a paternated background and polished lettering. Cast bronze is a very durable and long lasting material with a traditional classic appeal.

Tough recyled PVC - long lasting and low maintenance
Deep Engraved Recycled PVC

Font - Goudy Old Style bold
This sign was over 2 metres long and made in 10mm recycled PVC. This is a tough material and as well as being environmentally friendly, it is also very good value for money.

Engraved brass sign
Engraved Brass Sign

Size 250 x 150mm
An interesting sign engraved on 1.5mm brass using two different engraving techniques - laser engraving and scratch engraving. The sign was mounted on an oak backing board.

Large Slate Signs
Large Slate Business Signs

Font - Times New Roman
This large slate sign measured 2000mm x 1200mm and was made from 30mm slate. We can make signs to almost any size - ask us for a quote.

Individual plaques for office building
Clear Acrylic Office Plaques

Size of each plaque 250 x 250mm
The plaques are made from clear acrylic with the digital print applied to the reverse. They have been mounted on an oak backing board 30mm thick 1200mm x 600mm

Oak business sign
Oak Sign with Oak Posts

Font - Times New Roman
The oak sign has been morticed into the oak post. The sign measured 600mm x 150mm. The posts were a metre high. A simple but effective business sign.

Self adhesive cut vinyl lettering
Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering

This lettering was cut in Pale Grey 745 followng the customers artwork. The overall size was 400 x 750mm. We cover the whole in an application tape. The customer can then cut out each set of lettering and apply to any smooth surface.

Full colour hanging sign supplied with a bracket
Full Colour Hanging Sign

Size - 700mm x 494mm
A range of very good value hanging signs and panels. The artwork was supplied by the customer. This sign as you night have expected was sent to France.

Good value tough aluminium composite board.
Shaped Sign Board

Font - Times Roman, Size 900 x 600mm
Aluminium composite was cut and shaped for this sign. Blacked vinyl lettering, border and image applied to the tough composite board.

Complex cast aluminium sign
Round Cast Aluminium Signs

Size 15 Inches
A very unusual cast a;uminium sign with smooth blue background, textured blue wheel patten and raised an polished aluminium lettering.

Projecting Business Sign
Projecting Business Sign

Size - diameter 500mm
19mm PVC circular panel with full coloured printed artwork and scroll brackets

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We do make business signs, entrance signs and sign boards from many materials and in a huge variety of styles. For more ideas click on the links below. Don't forget you can call us for help.

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It is our aim to make your sign just the way you want it. To see more fonts and images click on the links below.

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