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Although we make hundreds of these smaller memorial plaques every year, we take great care to make sure your slate memorial is made just the way you want it. These plaques have a timeless quality and are usually made with unpainted lettering, sandblasted into the slate.  However we can paint the letters as long as they are 25mm high or blast the background away leaving the letters raised. The choice is yours.

For  smaller memorial plaques we normally use slate which is between 10mm and 12mm thick. This can be cut to any size. If you want your slate memorial on thicker slate (20mm, 30mm or 50mm)  CLICK HERE.

Memorial slate sign
Slate memorial with letters painted black. Font - fantasy

raised and unpainted letters
6" x 8" Raised and unpainted letters   font Comic Sans
Gold painted slate memorial300mm x 300mm  Font - Black Chancery  Painted Gold

Raised Letters Slate
30" x 24 " Raised and unpainted letters
   font Goudy Old Style

This slate memorial (225 x 300mm) with black lettering was made from
30mm thick slate Click here for prices of thicker slate

Unpainted slate memorial Slate memorial plaque with painted white letters
The price includes first 6 characters. The next 20 letters will cost £1.10 per letter, thereafter 55p per letter.
Painted letter size minimum 25mm. Smaller letters, down to 15mm are possible if a simple font is used.
The actual stones looked far better than these photographs!

10 - 12mm

  9 inches
12 inches
18 inches
24 inches
  4 inches
£41.63 £46.81 £57.18 £67.54
  6 inches
£48.63 £55.59 £69.51 £83.43
9 inches
£57.81 £66.99 £85.34 £104
12 inches
£66.99 £78.39 £101 £124
Order online for best prices
For larger Slate Memorials or Thicker Memorial Stones - Click Here
P&P  Price Brackets D E F G H I

Slate Wedges
These are normally placed directly on the ground.

The back of the wedge is 100mm high and the front is 50mm high.

We also have Granite Wedges available.

Width x Height
Width x Height
  Price P&P
200 x 250mm 204 x 250 Portrait £89 J
250 x 200mm 250 x 204 Landscape £89 J
300 x 300mm 300 x 304mm   £148 L
300 x 375mm 304 x 375 Portrait £169 M
375 x 300mm 375 x 304 Landscape £169 M
Price includes 25 letters Extra Letters 55p
For best prices order online Now

Raised Letters Slate Memorial
Raised and unpainted letters - border 07  - font Times Roman

We can add a line border with indented or square corners at a cost of £6.95. Another interesting technique is the border in relief where the slate around the outside of the sign is blasted away leaving the required shape in the middle. The cost of a border in relief is £8.95.
Decorative borders also available - the cost is £10.95. The prices shown are for signs with a circumference of less than 1500mm

We can include simple pictures on the memorial. We have a selection CLICK HERE - or you can send in your own artwork - It must be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades. The cost is £7.50 per standard image.
Another option is to add a full colour porcelain photo.

The letters are normally painted black, cream, silver, gold, white or left unpainted. For a more gentle natural effect we match Farrow & Ball Lichen - a pale green which looks lovely against the grey slate. Another natural look is F&B Purbeck Stone which is a very light grey. For other paint colours - click here. For a selection of fonts - Click here Letter size is normally adjusted to suit the size of the slate ordered, but if you have something particular in mind - just let us know .
Minimum letter size - Engraved - 15mm if you choose a simple font., Raised and unpainted - 25mm
For help with choosing your sign size you can use our sign sizing and layout tool

If smaller letters are require we suggest you use slate corian - click here Engraved Letters Slate
On the dark slate corian we can laser engrave small letters leaving them unpainted.
This can also be used for images with fine detail
For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board   More Stone & Slate Signs

50mm slate memorial tablet
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