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Large Slate Sign
Letters raised & unpainted with surrounding raised
Slate Home Signs
Slate Home Signs 250mm x 70mm paint white
with square cornered border

Granite Home Sign
Ash Grey Granite Home Sign  Font Times New Roman
Goudy Hand Tooled Font
Granite Number  Font - goudy hand tooled
Raised Letter Large Sign
Large sign - 230mm x 1100mm - raised letters, font - Garamond
Corner Cut Sign
An unusual sign with the corners cut.

raised letters and surround
font Prose Antique Letters and border raised & unpainted.
raised unpainted letters
font Gill Sans (letters spread out) Letters raised an unpainted.
Slate Door Number
Background blasted away

Round Slate House Sign
Round slate, Font - American UNCD,
text curved
with parrot picture

Round Slate HouseSlate, Font - Bold Calligraphy, text curved

Raised Letters Sign
Letters raised an unpainted. Font - Souvenir

Poor Richard Font Sign
Slate -   Font Poor Richard
black lettering
Slate - Font Times New Roman
Line border  with indented corners.
line border and picture
Special design - font Bookman
Oldstyle - Line border with indented corners
Image from standard artwork.
Little Timbers Sign
Slate - font - Gill Sans - raised letters - border
Lime Green Number Sign
Times New Roman - Lime Green
Prose Font Sign
Slate - font - Prose

Memorial with three colours Lawn memorials Slate lawn memorial
Image DC006A/005B, Font Murry Bold  Image Cat6, Font -Murry Bold  Image Flower16cdl , Font -Murry Bold
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