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House Name Plates

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Wooden House Signs

Wooden House Name Plates
We make thousands of wooden house name plates in various timbers. Oak is the most popular, but iroko, cherry and sapele are also very popular. Sapele due to its deep red colour and Iroko due to its high oil content (less maintenance) We make them just the way you want them - your choice of font, size along with an image of border if required.

Slate House Name Plates
We make quite a range of slate name plates - Basic V-cut, The Standard Range, Made to Measure, Coloured Slate along with thick slate for business signage. Choose you own layout and style of lettering - One, two or three lines of text. Also some lovely border images such as the celtic border to the left.

Marble & Granite Name Plates
A range of beautiful granite, marble and quartz house name plates. Lots of lovely colours - gold lettering on black granite looks amazing. Images can be included if required. Another technique is to etch into the polished granite without painting the letters.

Hand Painted Ceramic House Sign / Name Plate

Hand Painted Ceramic
These beautiful hand painted ceramic signs and name plates are completely weatherproof. The plaques themselves are black or white and the design can be a special or one of our standard images. As these house signs are completely hand painted we can make them just the way you want them to look - altering colours or layout to suit you.

Gate name plates

Metal Name Plates
A good range of excellent value metal signs which includes ovals, french style and gate signs. Also screen printed stainless steel for a more contempory feel. along with traditional enamel plaques. Long lasting and maintenance free zinc plate has recently been added to the range.

Clear acrylic name plate

Clear Acrylic Name Plates
High quality contemporary acrylic name plate suitable for internal or external use. They look crystal clear like glass and are ideal for a clean modern look.

Cast Brass

Cast Brass House Names
Made of solid brass the traditional way, in a foundry. The backgrounds of the plates can be painted in Black, Blue, Green or Maroon. Several lines of wording can be incorporated, by reducing the letter size. We can include a house number on your plate. The motifs can be included, if required, to achieve a balanced appearance. Worldwide Delivery


Cast Aluminium
Made of solid aluminium. Several lines of wording can be incorporated by reducing the letter size. We can include a house number on your sign, or if required a hand painted motif , to achieve a balanced appearance. All the signs have a durable baked finish.

Engraved Brass Name Plates

Engraved Plaques
Brass is a the traditional for a classic house name plate. We use top quality engravers brass which we can cut and engrave to any size. However it does need to be polished regularly if you want it bright and shiney. Therefore we have a range of tarnish free plaques made with other materials. We can engrave stainless steel, aluminium - both silver and coloured, brass effect laminate and corian - which looks and feels like stone

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