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First Aid Wall Panels & Equipment

Cederroth First Aid Equipment - Various First Aid panels are available for the work place and are organised and ready to use as well as easy to refill.

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First Aid Panel

The First Aid Panel

Can come in two forms, one with a cover and one without the cover
Advantages of the panel are:
2.Ready to use
3.Easy to refill

Contents of the panel:
1 pc Protection Kit
1 pc Large and 3 small Bloodstoppers
2 pcs Triangular Bandages
1 pc Salvequick Dispenser
1 pc Savett Dispenser
1 pc First Aid Instructions

Without Cover 550x410x80mm -
9000 (£51.90)

With Cover 550 x 410 x 90mm -
9001 (£125.00)

Lockable First Aid Panel

The Mini First Aid Panel with Lockable Refill Cabinet

Refills for all the other First Aid Panels in the workplace while being stored safely

Contents of the Lockable Refill Cabinet:
1 Complete Mini First Aid Panel on the door
1 Box(6x45)Salvequick Plastic Adhesive Bandage
1 Box Savett Wound Cleanser
2 pcs Cederroth Bloodstopper
10 pcs Cederroth Small Bloodstopper
1 pc Protection Kit
3 pcs Triangular Bandage
1 pc First Aid Instructions

260x260x170mm -
9003 (£125.00)

Mini First Aid Panel

The Mini first Aid Panel

Suitable for smaller spaces or as a complement to other First Aid Equipment

The contents of the Mini First Aid Panel:
1 pc Cederroth Bloodstopper
3 pcs Cederroth Small Bloodstopper
1 pc Salvequick Dispenser

400x250x50mm -
9002 (£35.60)

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Adhesive Plasters, comes in Plastic or Fabric
Bloodstopper, comes in small and large
Savett Wipes
Resuscitation Kit
Salvequick Plasters
Cederroth Large Bloodstopper
Savett Wipes
Resucitation Kit

Salvequick Plastic Adhesive Plasters
Pk 45x6 packets waterproof adhesive plasters.
9020 (£2.97)

Salvequick Fabric Adhesive Plasters -
Pk 40x6 packets fabric adhesive plasters
9021 (£3.65)

Cederroth Large Bloodstopper
A sterile universal dressing, Contents:
1 special pad (14x 23cm)
2 disposable dressings (10cm x 3m)
9026 (£4.36)

Cederroth Small Bloodstopper -
A sterile dressing suitable for fingers, toes and even eyes, Contents:
1 special pad (8 x12cm)
1 disposable dressing (6cm x 3m)
9027 (£2.02)

Savett Wipes
40 Savett wound cleansing wipes. Sterile
9029 (£6.14)


Resuscitation Kit
Contains 1 x breathing mask with one way valve, 2 pairs of gloves and 2 wipes
9023 (£5.39)

Plaster Dispenser
Blue Detectable Plaster
Savett Dispenser
Salvequick Plaster Dispenser
Salvequick Blue Detectable Adhesive Plasters
Savett Dispsenser

Salvequick Plaster Dispenser 9028 (£14.72)
When an adhesive plaster is pulled from the dispenser, one of the adhesive surfaces is exposed for ease of application which also means it has to be used immediately. The empty refills are released by the special red key enabling the new refills to be inserted.

Salvequick Blue Plaster Dispenser
9032 (£19.00)

Salvequick Blue Detectable Adhesive Plasters
Pk 35 x 6 packets waterproof blue adhesive plasters
9024 (£6.49)

Salvequick Fingertip / Regular Blue Detectable Adhesive Plasters
Pk 30 x 6 packets waterproof adhesive plasters
9025 (£7.22)

Savett Dispenser -
Savett wound cleansing wipes do away with cotton wool and bottles of antiseptic.
Contains 40 x Sterile wipes

Accident Book
Triangular Bandage, Pack of 2
Eye Wash, can come with
wall Bracket
Accident Book
Triangular Bandage
Eye Wash

Accident Book
By Law Every business must record accidents to employees and visitors.
The Accident Book provides a quick and easy system for recording accidents in the workplace and has space for 53 incidents.
Enables compliance with all the requirements of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 and the Data Protection Act 1996
1281 Y (£4.95)

Triangular Bandage

Cederroth triangular bandage pack contains 2 x triangular bandages
( 96 x 96 x 136 cm) & 6 safety pins
9022 (£2.44)

Wall Bracket and 500ml eye wash
9031 (£14.40)

Quick and Easy to Open to immediately rinse the eye

Effective Rising, provides a generous flow of fluid to the eye with unnecessary spills.

Eye Cup Protected From Dust, dust cover also acts as an opening device

Eye Wash 500ml bottle (individual)
9033 (£9.00)

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First Aid Equipment

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