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Have a look at how other people have laid out their door numbers and name plates.

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Hand Painted Name Plate
Ceramic House Numbers Oval Door Number Sign

Hand Painted Oval Door Number
Small Ceramic Oval Door Number - £39.90
Size - Height 8.5 inches Width 6.5 inches (220 x 170mm)

Large Ceramic Oval Door Number or Name- £63.90
Size - Height 11.5 inches Width 7.5 inches (300 x 190mm)
Upright Oval

Ceramic Oval House Sign Hand painted oval name plate

Hand Painted Oval Sign with Kingfisher
Large Oval House Name Plate- £63.90
Size - Height 7.5 inches Width 11.5 inches (190 x 300mm)

Ceramic Round House Signs Hand Painted Round Sign

Round Sign
Round Ceramic Name Plate- £63.90
Size - 8.25 inches (211mm)

Ceramic Name Plate Small Arch Top Name Plate

Small Bridge Top Name Plates

Small Arch Top Ceramic House Sign - £69.90
Size - Height 7.5 inches Width 13.25 inches (190 x 340mm)

Hand Painted Name Plate Lg Arch Top

White arch top ceramic sign
Large Arch Top Ceramic House Sign - £86.90
Size - Height 8.5 inches Width 19.5 inches (215 x 500mm)
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