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Keeping Brass Clean & Reducing the Effects of Tarnishing

Large engraved brass sign

As soon as brass is exposed to the weather it will tarnish. To keep the polished brass look it needs to be regularly polished from the start using a standard brass cleaner and following the manufacturer's instructions.

To prolong periods between polishing, the exposed brass may be coated lightly in Vaseline or Olive Oil . This will not detract from the appearance of the plate yet reduces the rate of tarnishing.

An alternative is to apply a lacquer. Although this does delay tarnishing, it will never completely stop it, and the lacquer itself also deteriorates over time.
Future brass cleaning would require removal of the lacquer with a paint stripper. This is not a problem with the unpainted engraved plaques, but would remove the paint infill on signs with coloured letters.

Click here for more information about cleaning brass

For maintenance free signs you might consider the gold coloured engraved exterior laminate, anodised aluminium signs, acrylic with gold backing or stainless steel


Send us your tarnished sign for re-polishing - £12 or a sign under 25 square inches, £24 for over 25 square inches.
Price includes VAT and P&P. We can usually bring them back to virtually as good as new.

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