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Sand Blasting in the cabinet

 Sand Blasting Service for North Devon and Exmoor Area
Our craftsmen who have sand blasted signs for many years were so often asked to blast other items that we have decided to add the service onto our web-site.  We can blast clean anything from bread oven doors to old tractors!

Builders often bring in new oak beams to sand blast them adding a bit of age.  We also sand blast timber to create for a driftwood effect. 

We have a number of mediums depending on the finish required. Most of the blasting is done on site, but we can travel if required. It is amazing how an old fireplace or wall can look after it has been sand blasted.

Costs  - £35 per hour plus cost of the abrasive medium

Abrasive medium
£2.60 per 10kg. We use a number of different sands for sand blasting different materials. eg wood, stone, brick or metal.

Smaller objects can be blast cleaned in the cabinet using a recyclable abrasive @ a cost of £37 per hour.
An object such as a wheel rim takes about 15 minutes to blast clean.

For work away from site there is a one-off call out charge of £40
Prices exclude VAT    More sand blasting images and times

From This....
Blasting Cleaning - before
To This
Blast Cleaning After
This exhaust manifold was sand blasted in the cabinet and took about 20 minutes.
Collection and Delivery is available Service for items up to 30kg. Up to 10kg @ £20.  10 - 20kg @ £23     20-30kg - £27 (ex VAT)

Before we started Part done
Before we started Sand Blasting All rust and most of the paint removed

Spray Painting Spray Painting in local Spray Shop
Once an item has been sand blasted we can delivered to an excellent spray shop just a couple of miles from us. Their charges are £35 per hour plus materials.  Prices Exclude VAT.  For spray work call AT Motors  01769 560707.
The trailor above took 18 hours to sandblast, using 25 bags of fine slag sand plus 10 hours to spray paint
Sand Blasting Petrol Pump Before Sand Blasting After Sand Blasting

Our guys are often asked to sand blast quite intricate objects. This is something they are well qualified for, as they are used to sand blasting small lettering on the stone signs.

This was a more unusual project - we were asked to sand blast vintage petrol pumps ready for restoration. See the before and after photos above. The main frames took about an hour plus ten minutes each for the panels.

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